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I love all things action figure related - I am crazy about it. My favorites are definitely amiibos and ninja turtles. Which four are my favorite ninja turtles? I am glad you asked! Here is an unpublished piece I was going to use for Decipher Magazine before it went out of business:

4 Of The Most Awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures

There are quite a few awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures out there. Here you're going to learn about 4 of them. Since that matches the number of turtles in the group, it can be fun to collect each kind of each turtle!

Look into the Classic Comic Book line of TMNT toys if you want a blast from their comic book past. They are all made to resemble their original form, which means they all have the same bandanas but different weapons. It would be a good idea to just get one of these since they mostly resemble one another.

The LARP TMNT figures feature them in various costumes as if they're in alive action role playing game. They are a lot different than what you're used to when it comes to these action figures, so don't be surprised if you're out and about and see the figures of them dressed as wizards, an elf, or even a barbarian. They come with the weapons for the people they are role playing, so it's a good way to get all kinds of new accessories for your figures if you open them.

You can also find a TMNT action figure that morphs, just like they used to have back when they first came out. These newer figures emulate the older ones, but look a little more updated because they don't use the old processes to make them. There are regular sized ones, and there are also the larger scale ones that are good to display on a shelf or somewhere that is similar. It's important that you check out the dimensions when you order since they look almost the same but they're just different sizes and prices for the most part.

The typical Nickelodeon toys are still out there, and you can find them for a fair price at most stores usually. They release these regularly, and sometimes you can find them in stores in their first edition format. Some of these are worth more than others, and some are going to not be that rare. To help you figure out what you should be paying, you should try to look it up online first. Sometimes you can get it for a lot cheaper, and sometimes you will find that if you buy it at the store you can resell it for quite a bit later.


Jeremy Hatfield


July 26, 1987

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